Our Extension Activities


               Institution adopted a slum Ram Sajeevan Ka Ahatta, adjoining the college and the nearby area within 02 Km. and trained them to acquire attitude of service and to contribute to community development.

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The following out-reach activities were organized by the institution under NSS programmes-


• Programmes for functional literacy.

• To generate awareness to abolish child abuse and child labour in the area.

• Programmme for social equity and women empowerment.

• Training progammes to strengthen village economy through developing vocational skills among women.

• The college enable the slum dwellers in appending their signatures

• motivating the dropouts to rejoin the schools,


• Awareness programmes for Health and hygiene conditions.

• Blood donation camps to generate awareness.

• Immunization Programmes-
      (i.) The institution often motivates the students to participate in the pulse polio programme.
      (ii.) Awareness programmes for immunization of new born child.

• Programmes are often organized to generate awareness about AIDS.

• Programmes against Drug addiction and Alcohol addiction.

• Awareness was created among the villagers and slum dwellers that changed their life styles towards health and hygiene and maintenance of social assets.

• Literacy programme and awareness on AIDS is a great success. Community was benefited in learning to append their signatures.

• Blood donation camps help to realize the importance of donating blood in student community at no cost for a great cause.

• Students’ participation in programmes for Environmental awareness and orderly conduct of public meetings.

• The Institution gives them a chance to know by experience the value of discipline and being responsible citizens.