Principal's Desk


            J. D. V. M. P.O. College is a grant-in-aid, a post-graduate institution, affiliated to the C.S.J.M. University of Kanpur, a premier college exclusively for women. Here we develop real Indian culture with excellent academic inputs. We strictly believe in an all round development of women, to exhibit their skill and potentiality in the society as they constitutes another 50% of the Indian society.

  From its inception in 1963, the mission of the college has always been commitment to women’s education, which is perceived to be the means for both personal and societal transformation.

          We, at J.D.V.M. P.G. Women’s College, with a clear Vision and Mission to achieve, passionately forge ahead to face the challenges of the 21st century: that is, explosion of knowledge, management of knowledge, integrating ICT with education, curriculum innovation and examination reforms, developing a research culture and creating an enterprising spirit in students.

          The mission is the up-liftment of women through an education that is holistic and provides for an all-round growth. The College management is committed to creating an atmosphere in which the zest for learning thrives and students are trained not only academically but also to be women of convictions and values. All programmes are student-centred, providing ample opportunity for the development of leadership and self-assurance.

          We are grateful to all the support we receive from C.S.J.M. University; I request the Parents, Alumni, Staff & Students to join hands with us to fulfil our mission, vision & objectives.

God Bless one and all.

Dr. Shalini Mishra