Our Vision & Mission


The Vision

           The holistic developments of the under- privileged gender through, “Excellence in academics and perfection in human values and ideals. ”
College will be an innovative educational provider of quality lifelong learning experiences for all members of the community. To develop individuals who willundertake the search for new knowledge and its application to Indian realities.
Enriching lives and fulfilling dreams by preparing students to pursue and achieve career success. Valuing our students, employees and partners by acting with respect, integrity and openness.

The Mission

          • Jwala Devi P.G. College is committed to cater to higher education of the under privileged gender at the under graduate and post-graduate level and empower them by inculcating values ingrained in the Indian Culture by pursuance of knowledge through life long learning in academics and extra-curricular activities.

           • It ensures inculcation of perfect discipline among students and teachers with regard to regularity, sincerity and punctuality to enhance their ability to meet the challenges of new era and ensure their contribution to the development of the nation.

           •The college tries to create an atmosphere that nourishes innovations, entrepreneurship, enhances skill development to accelerate sustainable development of the country.

           • The college makes necessary arrangements for the overall development of the students and takes pride in emphasizing moral values and practicing them so that the students gain a wide spectrum of knowledge and depth of experience that enhances a meaningful contribution to career and community.